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10 Sep


 It is no longer news that the ban on domestic and international flights have been lifted by the Federal Government of Nigeria. The NCDC is committed to working closely with the Port Health Services, Nigeria Customs Services and Nigeria Immigration Service to ensure and improve surveillance at all ports of entry in Nigeria.

 In view of this great news, let us quickly share with you what is expected of you as a traveler.


 Passengers coming into Nigeria should note the following:

  • Passenger must test negative and have the Covid-19 PCR certificate 96 hours (4 days) before departure and preferably 72 hours before boarding your flight. Test done more than 96 hours before departure will not be accepted or not valid.
  • Before boarding, passengers are requested to upload their COVID-19 PCR NEGATIVE result on the national payment portal and have an electronic or hard copy for presentation at the airport.
  • Passengers are required to register and fill their details on the Nigeria International Travel Portal via – http://nitp.ncdc.gov.ng and make payment for a repeat (second) PCR test, which will be done upon arrival in Nigeria.
  • Passengers are to fill an online Health Declaration/Self Reporting Form on the Nigeria International Travel Portal via – http://nitp.ncdc.gov.ng and this must be submitted online or printed in hard copy for presentation at the port of entry.


On arrival in Nigeria, passengers should note the following:

  • Passengers to show evidence of payment/appointment for a repeat PCR test on arrival in Nigeria. Where online payment is not possible, cash payment can be made.
  • Passengers will be cleared through the Nigeria Immigration System’s Migrants Identification Data Analysis System (MIDAS). Passenger’s biodata page and picture will be forwarded to all COVID-19 PCR Sample Collection Centers to enable proper identification before sample collection.
  • Return passengers must proceed on a 7-day self-isolation as per protocol.
  • Passengers must present themselves at the designated sample collection sites on the 7th day of arrival for another COVID-19 test.
  • Positive cases will be managed based on National Guidelines for COVID-19 treatment.
  • Passengers who test negative after 7 days will end self- isolation on the 8th day
  • Passport will not be retained by the Nigeria Immigration Service


For more information and further clarification, do not hesitate to contact on phone/WhatsApp nbr +2348033082255, almatestravels@gmail.com